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Multimedia Studio

SOE Multimedia Instructional Development Studio

Customized, just in time, multimedia can provide for increased engagement, variety and flexibility in classroom activity for both faculty and students.

So why don’t we see more of this in the classroom?  It is not the technology itself, which is getting easier and easier to use.  We believe that it is mainly the lack of comfort or exposure to the software and tools.

That’s where the Studio comes in.  The Studio was created on the premise that facilitated access to studio type software and hardware can catalyze the creation and effective use of multimedia video in the classroom.

So how do you get started? Interested faculty can receive an overview of how to use technology in the studio, and what it would take to set up a simple system that you or your TA’s can use on your own.  This can remove barriers and build confidence.

Who can access?  Access to the studio is managed by the SOE.  Before using the equipment an orientation session is required and we ask that you provide feedback on the process and profile appropriate final material that is created through the lab.

To book a time use the online booking system