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Undergraduate Courses

ENGG*1100 – Engineering and Design I

Engineering and Design I introduces the all first year engineering students to the profession and to engineering design. The course is interdisciplinary in nature and is a blend of lectures, computer labs, and design labs and includes a large team-based design project. It also introduces the expectations of the profession in spirit and specifics, works to establish a collaborative and team philosophy around learning and engineering, and to stimulate enthusiasm through the successful completion of a design challenge.

ENGG*3100 – Engineering and Design III

Engineering and Design III is a course delivered to all third year engineering students and builds on professional engineering concepts as well as continues the development of design skills using project-based learning.

ENGG*3100 Course Outline

Graduate Courses

ENGG*6090-01 Engineering Leadership

Engineering Leadership introduces engineering students to the general concepts, theory and practice of leadership at a personal and at an organizational level. Leadership principles are also presented in the context of the engineering profession and practice. Students actively participate in understanding and developing their own leadership approach by working with a well-researched framework for leadership practice, working through leadership concepts in readings and in group discussions, as well as through journaling, carrying out a semester-long leadership project and interacting with guest speakers.